155th Composite Squadron
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Our cadets are tomorrow's aerospace leaders

CAP introduces youth to Air Force perspectives on leadership through self-paced study, classroom instruction and hands-on opportunities to apply leadership principles to real-world challenges.  As cadets advance through the program in-residence leadership schools give them a space to explore increasingly complex concepts and skills associated with leading others.


Integrity is the cornerstone of the core values. It is the quality of being honest, sincere, and morally upright; and without it, the other core values cannot prevail. Integrity requires discipline, consistency and persistence in order to reflect the core values in everyday life.

Volunteer Service

One of CAP’s core values is volunteer service. The Air Force has a similar value called “service before self.” We embrace this core value and reflect it in our spirit of volunteerism. It is the willingness and ability to give of oneself, and it goes beyond simply giving our time.

Serving involves following rules, showing respect for others, enforcing discipline, and exhibiting self-control. An important component of volunteer service is the willingness to accept, promote, and follow the rules and regulations of CAP and the Air Force as well as the laws of our communities and our nation.

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